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Zune Outselling the iPod

Or at least that is what Microsoft would like you to believe. The beast of Redmond is making a lot of the boost in Zune sales so that for a day the Zune actually outsold the iPod. Of course it’s not so impressive considering that iPod’s occupied both the number 2 spot and that the Zune is a newer release.

The Zunes do look more user friendly than the newer iPods. The iPod Touch looks black and forbidding and the iPod nano looks like a toy but rather heavily priced. As I’ve written before Microsoft seems to get hardware closer to right on the second try, as witnessed by both the XBox 360 and the Zune and that’s lucky news for Microsoft. There is insufficient data for what happens on the third try but Apple had better hope that the Zune doesn’t get any better than this, because while the Zune is still a long way from being an iPod killer, it has become the serious alternative to those who are disenchanted with the iPod for one reason or another. Apple’s designs have gone stale and the company has gotten too arrogant toward its own consumers. There are wedges that Microsoft can exploit and while the iPod is on top for now, nothing lasts forever.

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