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Zombie Napster Lives!

By rights Napster should have been dead a thousand times over. It was the first file sharing force to emerge, the one that brought down the ire of the music industry and fueled the wrath of the RIAA. Its rebirth as “Pay to Hear” music flopped badly. Where successors like Kazaa and eDonkey have long ago vanished into the mist, Napster and Shawn Fanning still somehow struggle on, in particular because desperate media and cell phone companies now are always willing to hear new options.

This time it’s AT&T, which despite its iPhone alliance, is unveiling Napster Mobile, which charges you twice what iTunes does for a song, but apparently might actually let you keep the music, unlike the real Napster. Of course if Napster Mobile is half as big a success as the current Napster, which is busy slashing staff and preparing to ride out the storm, well the sky is the limit. And by that I mean the sky under the basement.

So as usual companies seem determined to handle Apple the advantage, double pricing tracks and providing another poorly thought out service no one much has a use for. Way to go Napster, somehow your zombie company still lives to prey on the flesh of gullible AT&T.

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