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Zero Hour Zeroes in on Nazi Devil Clocks of Doom

What can I say, I like this.

Anthony Edwards is underrated and he’s effortlessly charming here. The story is goofy, but the whole thing has a certain charm to it. Do I have any real expectations for it? Probably not. This isn’t a marketplace where this show can survive. But then again the National Treasure movies were unexpectedly popular and people like conspiracies. Movies about exorcists and the supernatural also unexpectedly catch fire.

On paper mashing up the Da Vinci Code and National Treasure and putting Anthony Edwards out front as a more sympathetic Mulder with a less abrasive Scully could work. But ABC has tried something similar before and it didn’t. The producers on this thing are interesting and Taken director Pierre Morel is directing. Not to mention Prison Break’s Paul Scheuring.

It’s charming, the pedigree is good, but I’m not convinced of the momentum or that audiences will jump on board. If they do ABC will have one idiosyncratic hit.

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