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YouTube Friend Bot : Do Your YouTube Videos Go Lonely and Unseen?

Does that video of your cat or baby throwing up on a Valentine or that South Park Wheel of Fortune Naggers clip you keep uploading getting outshone by the 30,000 other Naggers / Vomiting Cat clips on YouTube? Do you feel like everyone’s Ron Paul videos are getting watched except for yours? Well here is a simple solution to make your videos watched / yourself hated. It’s the YouTube Friend Bot. That’s right, it’s the YouTube Friend Bot.

The YouTube Friend Bot is a Stealth Friend Bomber that automatically serves as a YouTube Friend Adder. Which translates into annoying lots and lots of people with automated friend add requests. Why? Possibly sheer insanity or deranged marketing schemes gone wrong. Does sending out automated friend adding requests really make people want to watch your videos? Probably not. Does it make them hate you, probably yes. And yes I’m looking at you Vlogolution.

Getting Friend Add requests from people who don’t watch your videos and have nothing in common with you? That means you’re probably encountering the YouTube Friend Bot. Don’t worry there’s a version out for Digg too.

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