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You’re not Getting a Dell at a Kiosk

In sum total, Dell’s attempt to try and imitate Apple with in store kiosks has now reached its end as Dell is shutting down the great kiosk experiment and will simply defer to trying to beg retail stores to carry the bloody things without a kiosk. It’s not clear why Dell thought that having Dell kiosks in stores would even work. Unlike Apple there is no great assembly of people who see a Dell computer and feel the need to go out and try one. The kiosks succeeded for Apple because Apple can market itself as cool and because it was different enough from ordinary computers to draw customers in, but a Dell computer is just another collection of generic PC parts with a logo and the same bloody OS as everything else in the store. A Dell kiosk in a store that already sells its own Windows boxes is silly and redundant. Dell succeeded because it sold computers cheap. It’s just not a kiosk brand.

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