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Your Blogger Local 302?

In a move that might make some people scratch their heads, a loosely formed coalition of left-leaning bloggers is trying to band together to form a labor union it hopes will help members receive health insurance, conduct collective bargaining or even set professional standards.

The effort is an extension of the blogosphere’s growing power and presence, especially within the political realm, and for many, evokes memories of the early labor organization of freelance writers in the 1980s.

Well that might make a certain amount of sense for bloggers who actually are employed somewhere full time, though really corporate bloggers and campaign bloggers and whatnot should be covered as regular writers. The whole point of blogging is independence and blogging in general covers grandma who’s posting photos of her grandkids and what life was like in 1852 and it covers the guy who’s running GE’s blog. If you want to talk about a union for bloggers, you have to begin distinguishing professional or paid bloggers under a new category, something like ProBloggers or whatnot.

Right now most bloggers who do try to earn money from their blogs are stuck with soliciting PayPal donations, doing the occasional paid blogging or such, trying to monetize blogs with AdSense and all the usual tools of the freelance blogger.

So far this seems to be tied to certain political blogs who are involved in political campaigns. The backlash of course is that this will give a boost to efforts to regulate the involvement of bloggers in campaigns and put bloggers under federal authority. Not an outcome that any sane person would want.

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