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You Just Can’t Kill Scrubs

It seems that you just can’t kill Scrubs, though truth be told you probably should. I’ll admit to watching plenty of the series in small doses, mainly because once you’ve seen a few episodes of Scrubs, you realize that every episode is basically the same, follows the same identical dynamic and has the same interactions and conclusion. There might be a few exceptions, but for the most part Scrubs is a carefully packaged formula, unfortunately the packaging consists of annoying obnoxious characters whom the show repeatedly insist we pretend are human beings whose personal problems call on our empathy. And that is Scrubs’ unforgivable mistake. That said NBC’s treatment of Scrubs was unforgivable too and as Scrubs moves to ABC, it’s clear that Bill Lawrence will be having the last laugh, especially with NBC canceling all the crap it had ordered and being left with a bare cupboard, schedulewise.

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