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You Can’t Get It In the Press

In an LA Times Editorial I wrote about before, the LA Times sneeringly drew the line between journalism as practiced by the press and information indexing as provided by internet websites such as Google. I pointed out that the journalism that the LA Times and the press prides itself on is little more than bias and special agenda interests wrapped up in a cloak of self-righteous.

Case in point the WikiScanner. The press has jumped all over the WikiScanner story writing about corporate and political issues in the Wikipedia edits, pointing out edits coming from CIA and FBI computers and edits coming from corporate websites including Exon Mobil and Wal-Mart but while you can go to Wired and find out that Reuters and the New York Times were among the companies involved in the Wikipedia editing complete with vandalism of Wikipedia entries on George W. Bush and Tony Blair and Condoleeza Rice.

The police have the thin blue wall of silence. Medicine has the white wall of silence. The press has the inky wall of silence. So much for journalism. By contrast you can find out this information on most websites that cover the story. You can’t however get it in the press.

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