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Yahoo Tech Blog’s Unjustified Criticism of NBC Direct

I’m not the biggest fan of the old line networks, certainly not NBC but there’s no denying that between NBC Direct and Hulu, NBC has really looked into the abyss of being the fourth rated network and recognized that the way to keep its younger more mobile audience is to take on the internet. And there’s no denying that NBC has done that.

Now the Yahoo Tech blog has a list of the 10 tech disappointments for 2007 and some of them like Apple TV are on the money, but the shot at NBC direct is just dead wrong.

NBC Direct: Give NBC credit for trying a little of everything when it comes to online video, but here’s a service that’s got a few too many restrictions for comfort. Yes, you can download full, free episodes of shows like “Heroes” and “The Office,” but you have to sit through commercials, and you can’t transfer shows to a portable player or another PC, and the videos won’t work on a Mac…and the shows expire in a week, rendering the files unwatchable. Great.

The sense of entitlement some people have when it comes to this is just ridiculous. These are not DVD’s you paid for. Do you really expect NBC to let you download episodes for free and keep them? That’s insane and ridiculous. NBC is trying to sell DVD’s too. If you can’t watch your latest Heroes episode inside a week, maybe you need to just use a Tivo. And without commercials? How exactly is NBC supposed to make money and why in the world should they be in the business of making television when they can’t pay for it. The same people who support the WGA’s whining about download royalties somehow expect free to keep TV episodes minus commercials.

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