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Yahoo is Losing It

Yahoo’s Mash is getting a lot of hype and no doubt it will have some traction but can anyone remember how well Yahoo did with 360 or MSN with Spaces? Yes there’s plenty of Yahoo 360 and MSN Spaces around but they represent a drop in the bucket in comparison to MySpace or Facebook. Simply put, they’re no competition.

Now the irony here is that Yahoo could bloody well have been MySpace, just as Netscape could have been Yahoo and Yahoo could have been Google, along the whole long chain of missed opportunities. The question of course is what Google could have been and missed being, but that’s a side note.

Certainly Yahoo not only had the traffic to be MySpace but it had all the ingredients, a popular user friendly portal, catered to teens. Yahoo’s own email profiles with their customization had all that was really needed. Yahoo had allowed people to customize their email profiles and linked to them directly from their chat profiles. All that was really needed was to add social networking into the mix. You have to wonder if Terry Semmel doesn’t feel a little like Xerox now.

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