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Yahoo AOL Merger

Talk about a mark of desperation. A proposed merger with Yahoo and Time Warner’s flailing AOL seems like the stuff of fervent desperation. You can’t help but wonder what Jerry Yang is thinking, except that he isn’t serious and is simply generating more talk and discussions, to sway Yahoo stockholders, or those so dim that they actually think a Microsoft purchase is a good idea. After all anyone who thinks that a Yahoo – Microsoft megabeast would be a good idea, would only have to lose a few more IQ points to think the same thing of Yahoo – AOL. The Yahoo and AOL talks are in and of themselves ironic, because they represent Time Warner trying to divest itself of the consequences of the disastrous Time Warner AOL merger in the first place that badly hurt stock value. Yahoo stockholders might want to think about the implications of that before they vote for Carl Icahn’s “Trash Yahoo and Make Some Money” plan. Squashing together two companies takes a great deal of ability to work. Yahoo and AOL, itself a sinking fish in the big dot com pond, can’t swim together and neither can Microsoft and Yahoo.

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