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Yahoo Adding Two Email Domains

It might be a sign of success or excess, but Yahoo Mail is finally going where just about every single other free email provider besides Google has gone before, by offering alternative email domains, with and (that takes me back) coming on board as options for Yahoo users. Granted this move dilutes the Yahoo brand name somewhat. After all just about every free email provider out there was offering a variety of email domain addresses, such as and and so on, some of them outright illegal. Yahoo’s Email exec Olson has said that this is about offering choice, but more realistically it’s what happens when a major portal with multidimensional offerings tries to integrate everything by creating a single account across the site, something Google will discover as it now attempts to integrate its accounts, from AdSense to Google Video to Gmail into one account, because after all there are only a limited amount of possible account names out there and when you factor in the spammers, that number drops steadily. Which is why Olson is wrong, expanding email domains isn’t about choice, but a lack of choice.

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