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XP SP3 Beats Vista SP1 Hands Down

Well the pain just keeps coming for Microsoft’s red headed stepchild OS Windows Vista as Devil Mountain Software ran benchmark tests discovering that the gap between an XP OS with the third Service Service pack installed and Vista with the first service pack in place.

Vista, both with and without SP1, performed notably slower than XP with SP3 in the test, taking over 80 seconds to complete the test, compared to the beta SP3-enhanced XP’s 35 seconds.

In a word ouch. From the very beginning I was writing that a Windows Vista upgrade would be a mistake, but despite Windows’ reputation for being a resource hog, even I didn’t expect that Vista would actually be a step back. Yet all Vista really offers is a snazzier interface that I’m not a fan of and phony security features that mean nothing in the larger picture.

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