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XBox 360 Tries to Go Family Friendly

Basically in the marketplace console split, the PS3 emerged as the early adoptee (gotta have the best) favorite, the XBox 360 emerged as the favorite of the frag happy crowd as exemplified by Halo 3 and the Wii emerged as the family kiddie favorite with some accompanying hipster/apple fan appeal for its shiny white box and the worship of a company nearly as monopolistic and vicious as Apple itself.

With the PS3 in the stratosphere and the XBox 360 having a good hold on the frag happy market, the next step seems to be to clumsily move the XBox 360 toward what it was really intended for, the living room media center, instead of what it has become, the console of choice for 13 year olds who like to blow away each other while screaming curse words over their headphones.

And so the XBox unveils XBox Live marketplace cartoons including some Looney Toons and Blues Clues, the former a lost cause and the latter not exactly a major crossover with your average XBox 360 player. I mean is the average Halo 3 player going to be downloading Blue Clue’s? It might be a way for some young dads to justify their purchase of an XBox 360 but that’s not exactly gonna be a major trend.

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