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X-Files 2: The Unwanted Movie — Coming Soon

Long after most people had dismissed the long run of the X-Files as a figment of their imagination or a bad national nightmare in which millions of people every sunday watched a TV show about aliens, werewolves, alien werewolves and top secret government evil projects and formed fan clubs based around it, the X-Files 2 movie is coming.

It’s not really that surprising. After all these days every 80’s cartoon TV series is getting its own live action movie and the X-Files was a successful if increasingly senseless TV series with one successful movie to its name. Chris Carter, whose attempts to launch another TV series, such as Millenium, Harsh Realm or Lone Gunmen, each time ended in disaster, doesn’t have a lot else on his schedule. David Duchovny, who departed the X-Files under the impression that someone else out there would actually want to watch him in something besides the X-Files, is all too eager to return. After all it’s this or panhandling on Rodeo Drive or relying on wife Tea Leoni to pay the bills with her lucrative income appearing in indies and failed Jim Carrey movies.

But does anyone actually want to see an X-Files 2 movie besides David Duchovny and Chris Carter? It’s a valid question. I mean the X-Files comfortably filled the gap in that period in the 90’s when our biggest worry was the Michigan Militia (a possibly fictitious organization). These days we’ve got bigger worries that don’t involve aliens.

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