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Wrestling Departs from the CW

The presence of the WWF or WWE on UPN’s Thursday Night, particularly considering that aside from the Star Trek spinoffs, it remained UPN’s highest performer, had become a kind of legacy of contempt. Any put down or dismissal of UPN began with “It’s all just wrestling and Star Trek” and to an extent that was true. Of course there was Seven Days and Sentinel and the great Nowhere Man. But there were also too many filched WB series like Buffy and Roswell.

Then WB and UPN were folded into one network and paradoxically UPN’s President got to stay while the WB’s President had to go. Meanwhile most of UPN’s programming, aside from the wrestling got dumped, and UPN’s one breakout hit at that point, Veronica Mars, was dumbed down, raped and finally cancelled. Now WWE wrestling basically completes UPN’s legacy, though somewhere Chris Rock’s retarded generic urban sitcom is around I’m sure.

I can’t claim to miss wrestling, it’s retarded and I never watched it, but it’s somewhat sad that of the attempt to add a fourth and a fifth network, only the CW remains, itself a shallow imitation of the WB, so much so that it’s unclear why they decided to dump the WB branding for a new name that no one remembers anyway.

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