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Wizard’s First Rule has a Promo

Now called Legend of the Seeker which I suppose is less to the point but more poetic and less clumsy than the original Wizard’s First Rule. Not much to say here. Beautiful cinematography, beautiful girl, lots of killing involving big brutes. What’s there to complain about? Oh I’m sure actual fans of Richard Goodkind, who probably do exist, will find things to complain about, though with the promo teaser trailer so brief and short on dialogue and heavy on music and killing people, I’m not sure what about. Kahlan appears to still have her Confessors’ power, or at least what looks like it. Would have been odd for them to remove something that good anyway.

Sam Raimi’s production is obviously utilizing the scenery over in that side of the world quite effectively and the production feels more serious than Hercules or Xena, so probably it’s not going to be a long string of jokes and cheesy acting involving random figures from history. I guess that will be a change from Hercules, Xena, Cleopatra 2025, Jack of All Trades, etc. Of course it would be nice to have a decent fantasy series on the air and while I have trouble taking the Goodkind authored Wizard’s First Rule seriously, or any of the followup novels, if they were stripped of their ahem derivative issues and the constant lectures and Richard acting like a sociopath, they could conceivably create the source material for something decent.

Again I don’t see this surviving on a network, but there’s room in syndication with the demise of UPN and the inevitable demise of the CW, particularly if you rely on foreign sales more and on dwindling US audiences less. I would actually like to see a relaunch of the whole PTEN Action Network business that was tried back in the 90’s with shows like Babylon 5, Kung Fun the Legend Continues and a lot of other shows no one remembers. Network TV has gotten very stale, the average drama takes place in a courtroom or a hospital or both. There are no decent action series. So I say bring on Wizard’s First Rule or Legend of the Seeker.

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