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Wither Ron Paul Spam

With Ron Paul having lost primary after primary after primary, despite raising a bazillion dollars and flying a blimp around in a crazy scheme to get people to Google his name and facing serious primary challenges, the craziest guy in politics since James Trafficant was attacking congressmen and little black kids now seems to be trying to hold on to his seat and facing a dose of reality.

Of course for anyone on the internet, the real impact will be to wonder what will happen to all that Ron Paul spam and where it will go. While for many successful bloggers and site owners, Ron Paul trolls were a pestilence, for AdSense dependent operations, simply mentioning Ron Paul’s name was an easy way to generate traffic and run up the AdSense impressions. This created Ron Paul spam blogs that were not at all linked to the Ron Paul spammers, but were actually reposting my Ron Paul posts and pro-Ron Paul posts to generate traffic.

Digg had grown tired of Ron Paul spammers some time ago, despite Kevin Rose’s support for Ron Paul, and begun curtailing them, resulting in outraged whining about censorship. But of course the question is what happens to the Ron Paul spammers now. In many cases these spammers were already associated with spamming operations, such as Alex Jones’ Prison Planet and similar whacko groups. Much of the Ron Paul spamming was actually spamming for these sites. So the answer is the Ron Paul spammers will fragment but not pass away.

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