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Wiring the Subways for Annoyance

In New York’s City Hall, home of tenured politicians, sons of their respective political machines, discussions are under way about the MTA’s senseless plan to wire subways underground for cell phone reception. Correction, subway platforms.

Even as the MTA is once again claiming it needs to raise fares or cut service, somehow it has enough money to blow hundreds of millions on a contract to wire subway stations for cell phone reception, a completely useless service for anyone who doesn’t feel the need to spend every minute of their day jabbering to Michael or Barbara into thin air and annoying everyone within 50 feet of them.

Must we really make the daily commute any more unpleasant than it already is for those of us with some elementary social skills and shouldn’t the MTA be focusing on maintaining and improving core services, instead of providing cell phone junkies with a new way to annoy other people at taxpayer and farepayer expense?

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