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Windows 7 Proves Microsoft Isn’t as Clueless as You Think

Not that long ago it was pretty safe to write off Microsoft as a dinosaur monopoly, a case of the clueless getting even more clueless. Sure Microsoft had money and a limited monopoly, but it had been shut out of the future. It was like Western Union chuckling over its telegraph monopoly, but unable to get into the telephone business. With Windows 7, Microsoft proved that there’s life in Redmond yet. Not so much through its soggy commercials or even the fairly decent Windows 7, but its willingness to hear a wake up call and take action. Handing out free evaluation copies of Windows 7 Ultimate to everyone that are good until next year is not Microsoft’s usual way of doing business. Nor is actually listening and fixing people’s complaints usually part of the game plan. What might be a small step for smaller companies is a big one for Microsoft, because unlike most dinosaurs, Microsoft realized what was wrong and what it had to do to fix it. If Windows 7 gets the dominant market share over XP, Microsoft will have shown that it can’t be ignored after all.

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