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Windows 7 is Coming to Town

With the first real previews for Windows 7 coming in October and November, this will be Redmond’s chance to show whether anything has been learned from the Vista disaster. So far the constant promotion of the multi-touch features, something few people are likely to be using and comes off as a gimmick, is not promising. Windows Vista failed because few users saw enough value in it to merit an upgrade and because its confusing launch raised serious questions about whether it wouldn’t actually be slower than Windows XP. The first turned off Windows business customers that Microsoft depended on to push integration at the consumer level and the second turned off hard core and the early adoptee crowd creating bad word of mouth. Those are two groups that Microsoft must win over if Windows 7 is to avoid Vista’s fate. Microsoft has always had to sell its products against an elitist tide, but with Apple gaining ground and open source having given Microsoft a serious blow at the browser level, it’s past time for Redmond to get serious about Windows 7’s features, not its advertising or gimmicks.

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