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Windows 7: Does Microsoft Finally Get It?

The early round of pre-Beta previews has brought forth mostly positive word on Windows 7. Of course it wasn’t that tough of a row to hoe, after all Windows Vista sets a pretty low standard, but it’s worth remembering that early looks at Vista also produced their share of praise. There are of course simple reasons for that, tech journalists much like entertainment and gaming reporters, are hired to hype products when they’re in the development stage and shoot straight when they’re actually released (and this is actually how the somewhat ethical outlets do business) after all tech journalism runs on hype. And considering the issues of access and trust, few tech reporters are going to sit down and bash Microsoft as long as Microsoft puts down something working in front of them and touts a few features.

Then there’s the fact that stability and functionality is not that hard to come by when they’ve stacked the deck. It’s why Windows “Mojave” can provide users with a seemingly positive experience, until they’ve taken it home and tried to install it on their system and then used it for a few months in their own personal way.

But with all that out of the way Microsoft is at least making an effort to show that it gets it. For starters the key emphasis is on functionality with the point being pressed home that Windows 7 handles memory and system resources better than Vista and will let you do more with the same system you already have. It’s a bit of a comedown from Vista which was meant to drive hardware upgrades, but it’s a refreshing sign that Microsoft finally gets it, and is tackling the bloat.

What users want most of all are things like compatibility and functionality in their daily workflow rather than touch screens or wacky mouse gestures. Those things make good video, but it’s how well an OS actually works that matters. And if Microsoft gets that and is committed to turning out the OS equivalent of Firefox 3, so much the better.

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