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Will Space Tourism Take Off with Xcor’s Lynx?

It may not be the Enterprise but it is a start. It was ironically enough the starved for Rubles Russian space program, a relic of Communism’s manifest socialist destiny that demonstrated that space tourism was feasible by charging millionaires 20 million a pop to take a ride. It wasn’t something the stuffy wallowing in Senate pork researchers at NASA would have done, choosing instead to do those vitally important ant experiments in the space shuttle, greet schoolchildren and generally waste one of mankind’s greatest achievements to date. Arthur C. Clarke had always argued that space travel needed to be a bridge. The space shuttle was never a bridge, it was a boat sent out into the shallower part of the currents of space. And it took two shuttle disasters before there was any real political will to finally replace the aging shuttle fleet. Space tourism may not be an exact bridge but free enterprise has traditionally been good at deploying a product, encouraging competition, discounting the original product and going one step further. And one more step further than that.

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