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Will Apple’s Tablet be a Surefire Killer?

By now everyone is in agreement that an Apple tablet is coming, but will it matter? Unlike laptops and desktops, where Apple couldn’t compete all that well, tablets are not “new”, but they’re a pretty clean and clear area. That means there’s room for Apple to sweep in, unveil their latest overpriced piece of junk fronted by a touch screen gimmick and sweep the field as bozos with messenger bags who had no idea such technology was possible decide that they must have it. There’s one problem though, with Chrome OS already unveiled, Apple doesn’t have that much lead time on Google anymore. Google’s Android has already proven that it can breathe down the iPhone’s neck. A Google branded tablet, even if it’s only Chrome OS throw up around Chinese hardware won’t take years to get here, the way the Nexus did. That means Apple’s lead time may be extremely low. And without a app store or an iTunes to tie in users, Apple may not be able to retain customers on an Apple tablet the way they could on the iPod or iPhone.

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