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Why Yahoo Buzz is a Bad Idea

First of all launching a venture that imitates someone else’s venture that has long since become both popular and dominant without bringing a whole lot else new to the table is always a recipe for disaster. Netscape already tried to be Digg over a year ago. That failed badly. Even paying Digg power users to switch to Netscape didn’t do the job. Yahoo’s Buzz is every bit as much wasted effort.

Yes I’m sure Yahoo Buzz will get traffic if only because social media has very aggressively been hijacked by different factions and marketers and 4chan idiots, the same people running Digg now. It’s also why Digg itself is a dead end and is little more than a way for Ron Paul supporters or guys sitting in a basement somewhere in Moscow or a loft in New York City to promote their own crap. Digg used to be about tech, today it’s about promoting dumb memes and extremist views. It’s why I have nothing to do with it anymore.

Opening up Yahoo Buzz insures that the same social networks that took over Digg will do their best to take over Yahoo Buzz so we can be treated to 40 stories on how great Obama is, how wonderful Ron Paul is, how Georgia deserved to be invaded… and RickRoll and LOLcats and all that crap. Except it will be on the Yahoo front page. In a few months Yahoo will pull the project just like they pulled so many others.

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