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Why Keep Katie Couric?

As Couric’s contract comes up, CBS has the chance to dump the blond albatross around its neck. Couric’s huge contract didn’t lead to big ratings. And Couric’s presence on CBS Evening News and on 60 Minutes has hurt CBS’s once solid news programming credibility. Couric was a mistake, the question is will CBS have the guts to dump her.

Keeping Couric means negotiating a pay cut. And that would be an admission of failure from Couric’s people and from CBS. But paying her another 15 million or giving her a raise would be nuts. Getting rid of Couric would give CBS a shot at revitalizing the brand again. This time with a more serious news personality. Someone who will actually go on the spot and has the cred.

Lara Logan is an obvious name being kicked around, if only for the contrast with Couric who is not a journalist, takes no risks and doesn’t know anything her earpiece or teleprompter doesn’t tell her to say. But there are plenty of others. Dumping Couric would be an admission of failure, but keeping her would mean paying a fortune for third place.

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