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Why do people really hate Sanjaya so much?

Why all the furor over Sanjaya Malakar? You’d think that people, adults at least, would have better things to do than fume over some Fez from That 70’s Show look alike kid. But people who actually watch that retarded piece of crap known as American Idol have invested time and energy into the belief that what they are watching is remotely worthwhile. Sanjaya Malakaris the blank picket sign at a rally, it’s Marisa Tomei winning an Oscar, it’s a testament that what you thought was at all worthwhile isn’t, it’s all a joke. It deflates the delusion that American Idol, like every other reality show, is a contest that can be won by talent or ability or persistence, rather than what its producers decide makes for good TV viewing.

Why do people really hate Sanjaya so much? Because his very presence reminds them that they’re tuning in to watch something that’s as big as a fraud as the original Twenty One.

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