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Who Gets Mah Kidney?

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – A dying woman will pick a “winner” from three people wanting her kidneys during a reality TV show on Friday that has been widely criticized as unethical. Viewers can give advice via text messages during the 80-minute show which starts at 7:30 p.m. British time.

The show has set off a storm of criticism, both at home and abroad, and many believe reality TV has gone too far. Public broadcaster BNN, which came up with the idea, said it wanted to draw attention to the growing shortage of organ donors in the Netherlands. BNN made headlines some years back with a show called “Shooting and Swallowing” underlining the impact of drug use, and another show on sex called “This is How You Screw”.

Lesson for PBS, learn from BNN. Granted they’re a bunch of evil publicity seeking harpies but at least they get the ratings by pulling FOX style stunts. Then again imagine a horrible merger between FOX and PBS and you’d probably get terribly boring programming with a doubly biased agenda– but if all else fails you can always auction off a kidney.

Then again you can do just about anything and claim that you were trying to bring attention to a serious issue. Hip Hop artists pull that one all the time. Rapping about killing women who turn you down? “I was just bringing attention to a serious issue.” Song about blowing up nuns with dynamite and smuggling crack in their wimples? “I was speaking to my culture and bringing attention to a serious issue.” Auctioning off a kidney? Yup, bringing attention to a serious issue. That’s right. After all somebody has to bring attention to those serious issues. They won’t bring attention to themselves.

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