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Whither Hulu?

Hulu has outguessed the critics and proved that despite its own buggy video website, NBC could field a full featured and content rich video service, outsourcing videos through MSN and Veoh and building excitement through successive Beta stages, Hulu seems ready to play. Of course the question is how far will Hulu go? Hulu still primarily focuses on providing some limited content in order to sell you the DVD’s, inevitable but not that surprising. The TV show selection isn’t bad but it’s below what even AOL’s IN2TV was offering a year or two earlier, though AOL offered it in an interface so terrible it was barely unusable. Of course NBC and FOX have limited content between them and can’t really compete with what a studio can offer, but that does raise the question of whether it may be the studios rather than the networks who can field a genuinely deep online TV network while TV networks are reduced to showcasing their current programming.

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