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Which new UPN series will get cancelled first, ‘Haunted’ or ‘Twilight Zone’ ?

Which new UPN series will get cancelled first, ‘Haunted’ or ‘Twilight Zone’ ?

‘m betting on Hautned myself. It reminds me of some nameless “Evil
Hospital” series UPN aired about three episodes of a year or two back that
dies just as quickly. The newly bastardized version of the Twilight Zone
will of course will be screamingly awfull since it comes from Pen Densham,
the guy behind the ‘new’ Outer Limits. One of the worst SF anthology series
related abominations ever. But it does have brand name recognition and may
actually draw enough viewers to help it hang on for half a season or so. But
it’s just as dead anyway. Perhaps it’ll be transferred to syndication just
like Outer Limits. In the end UPN only had one original succesfull TV series
and that was Nowhere Man…and they cancelled it.

Enterprise as a lead-in of course won’t help TZ. UPN still hasn’t learned
what TNT and SciFi learned rather quickly about Babylon 5. A cult fan series
just doesn’t translate into a boost for overall network viewership. No
incarnation of Star Trek or Buffy is going to translate into more viewers
for UPN. Buffy couldn’t even keep fellow teen angst WB import, Roswell
afloat. It certainly won’t do the job for another ghost hunter series about
as welcome as malaria in spring.

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