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When is Linking Piracy?

Both the TV Links and Oink arrests suggests a new wave of anti-piracy law enforcement activity is hitting the UK but both the Oink and the TV Links arrests against raise the question of just what piracy is. The TV Links arrest featured the arrest of a webmaster for indexing and linking to videos on places like YouTube that featured copyrighted movies and TV shows. Oink had a not too dissimilar business model.

Both webmasters are of course claiming that the arrests are insane and that if you are going to arrest people for linking to copyrighted material, you should be arresting Google which both hosts and directs users via its search engine to copyrighted material. But of course that’s the point, Google is too big to arrest, much as many media and intellectual property lawyers would no doubt love to see Sergey Brin in chains. But at the same time Google doesn’t promote itself as a great place to find illegally pirated material either, which makes their defense slightly on the weak side.

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