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What is Cameron’s Agenda on The Sarah Connor Chronicles

In a deleted scene from Terminator 2 Judgment Day, another mercifully deleted scene though an interesting one which required the use of Linda Hamilton’s twin sister to shoot right, Sarah Connor and John under instructions from Schwarzenegger’s Terminator removes his chip from his head and removes a block that prevented him from learning. This enabled the Terminator to become somewhat more human. On the Sarah Connor Chronicles in the episode The Queen’s Gambit, Cameron similarly removes the chip from a Terminator’s head, gazes at it intensely and then destroys it.

The atypical behavior of Cameron, her curiosity and ability to learn about humans, suggests that her chip block has been similarly removed. That explains the how though, but not the why and it is clear by now that Cameron has a hidden agenda. Cameron moved John and Sarah into the future, she follows their orders and yet she doesn’t. She hid the bar that could be used to build a Terminator and in The Queen’s Gambit, it looks like she was the one who killed Andy Goode and took The Turk.

Again the question is why. Taking the Turk and the bar would suggest that Cameron is protecting a means to recreate Skynet, yet if Cameron was simply working for Skynet, she could have easily killed them by now. A more complicated answer is that Cameron may be balancing her own survival with her mission to protect John, by enabling him to attack but not utterly destroy Skynet.

There is however a third possibility, that Cameron is working for a third agency, neither Skynet nor the human resistance. It could be a future Skynet computer, call it Son of Skynet, trying to destroy Skynet in order to be born or some faction that wants to merge man and machine for a middle ground. There is no way to know.

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