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What if you gave a Keynote Address with no Content?

That’s basically the Steve Jobs problem. The delayed Leopard was finally dragged out and it turned out to be nothing more than Vista with some quirky names and shiny graphics. And then there’s the claim that the iPhone is open to third party developers because the browser is, which developers are taking for the contemptuous kick in the teeth that it is. Not even the usual Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field seems to be doing the trick now.

Had Safari come out for the PC before Firefox hit it big, that might have mattered. But now Safari will be competing against Firefox 3.0 and its massive library of plugins and features. The odds of Safari gaining any meaningful market share on the PC is pretty bad since the alt PC tech crowd is going for Firefox. Safari might resonate with Mac fanatics but aside from its supposed speed, it just doesn’t have much to offer and Mac fanatics tend to own Macs anyway.

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