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What Does Google Want with a Browser?

With Google Chrome having been unexpectedly sprung on the public, a Google Browser is a reality but a better question is who actually needs a Google Browser. Google has partnered up with Mozilla to push Firefox, a browser that abides by standards and actually has succeeded at pushing back Internet Explorer. Putting Chome into the picture is odd, particularly when Google just signed a deal with Mozilla to keep Google as the default search engine for Firefox.

Google Chrome would make sense if Google was pushing a mobile browser, but as a web browser, Google Chrome takes a back seat to either Firefox or Safari, duplicating existing features while leaving out most others in a minimalist environment that’s frankly uninspiring. The only thing Google can really bring to the table at this stage is integration with existing Google Apps, but plenty of Firefox extension already handle that, making Google Chrome seem a little pointless.

A few years ago a Google browser would have been welcomed. Today it just seems odd. Google Chrome really doesn’t offer anything new, all it does is give you another minimalistic browser with no real purpose behind it. Google has the cash and the staff to tackle just about any project they want to, but most of the projects they seem to tackle go nowhere. Google Answers is dead, Google Knol is silly no matter how much page rank tampering Google uses to push Knol pages to the head of the line, Google Video is as good as dead, Froogle is as good as dead, and Android is behind schedule. Throwing Google Chrome on the table just seems like another Google patented waste of time.

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