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Welcome to 2008, the Year Star Wars Happened

Okay that spin is obviously an exaggeration but the intercept and takedown of the defective spy satellite headed for the earth did seem like a Hollywood scenario rendered into life. It was the premise of any number of movies, including Space Cowboys that a defective satellite headed for earth with a dangerous cargo had to be intercepted. Had the media been given half a chance, the story would have been more carping about how dangerous all that space stuff is and how toxic. Instead the story shot down the countless attacks on Star Wars type intercept programs claiming that their tests were phony and that it couldn’t work in real life, when the US got the job done. Now this isn’t quite the same thing as taking down an ICBM but it does give fair warning that we’re in the basic area of having that capability and all the endless carping about intercept technology being a waste of money has been shot down.

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