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Weirdest TV Food Tie-In – American Idol Ice Cream

Obviously American Idiot, that is American Idol is in the news these days with a season premiere that has squashed every single thing on television going back in time to the stone age and sold shampoo and makeup to millions of 13 year old girls who don’t what the capitol of their own state is but can text message the show in 0.0003 nanoseconds thus proving that invertebrates can actually engage in limited forms of communication.

Obviously success, especially success with the most brainless of consumer groups, teenagers, means that corporations and advertisers are slavering over this market and thus we come to my local unfriendly supermarket and the absolutely positively weirdest corporate tv food related tie in I’ve seen to date. American Idol Ice Cream.

That’s right, American Idol Ice Cream. What’s more natural of a tie in with a tv show about wannabe pop stars than ice cream. I guess it’s the whole Ice Cream, you scream idea. There’s certainly a lot of screaming that goes on there. And then when their favorite boygirlshething loses, they can drown their sorrows in the ice cream.

Like this world, it’s almost perfect synchronicity.

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