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Watchmen’s Black Frighter going all Animatrix?

Well CHUD is reporting that The Watchmen director Zack Snyder wants to do The Black Freighter pirate comic in The Watchmen as an animated movie, possibly to be released with it on DVD. The project seems to be a bit like the Animatrix movies, animated stories for The Matrix, though if Warner Bros is smart, they can release it as an add on to Watchmen a few weeks later in theaters to boost attendance, Hotel Chavelier / Darjeeling style.

Personally I don’t much care. Alan Moore created pirate comics as a substitute for the superhero comics in a world where superheroes are real. To me The Black Freighter lacked any real interest value and I don’t much care what Snyder does with it. Additionally,

Picture this concept: while doing promotion for the book, Nite Owl appears on a newsmagazine show which profiles him, his career and his friends in The Minutemen. Just such a newsmagazine show is being filmed, and it’s being done in period early 60s style, reflecting the release date of the book in the Watchmen universe. Apparently this will be a full hour long. I don’t know what the plans for this are – I have to imagine it will be on the DVD release, which is rumored to be a mega-packed set.

I’m guessing this is a bit like the one hour show for Galaxy Quest, it may be released on the CW to promote the movie too, I imagine.

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