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Was Robert Heinlein a sex offender?

No Heinlein wasn’t.

A sex offender refers to someone charged under certain criminal statues,
Heinlein advocated incest in his books but adult incest really doesn’t
produce criminal charges these days. He did feature sexual innuendo
involving underage children which is certainly troubling but this took place
in the context of a radically different social and moral system which
doesn’t necessarily justify it but at the same time it has to be recognized
that our sexual morals are not altogether absolute.

There were occasions in Heinlein fiction when Heinlein claimed a moral
system was scientifically proven. I’d have to drag out and reread Starship
Troopers to be certain it wasn’t stated in that place. This hardly changes
the fact that Heinlein said it.

You know the references better than I do and a character who is not
presented as bad, who engages in evil behavior in a work that acts at least
in part to state ideas about life, is indeed being advocated.

When that author is Heinlein who repeatedly presented and advocated
experimental sexual acts in his novels, presents such in the context of a
philosophical meditation on life, the universe and everything else, then yes
that author does not see it as a bad thing.

>E.g., #1, Othello killed his wife, so therefore Shakespeare advocates that
>spouses should kill each other. If that’s your conclusion, it’s twaddle;

It would be twaddle, unless Shakespeare had repeatedly written works in
which right thinking characters kill their wives in works famous for
advocating wife killing as a solution for infidelity.

>I’d argue that Heinlein is a traditionalist rather than a sexist; the
>brilliant, successful and beautiful Heinlein heroines tend to like men
>and babies, and so stand in contrast to a strain of ‘feminism’ that
>came along later which is suspicious of beauty and hostile to men and

Translation Heinlein’s men are men and women are women and the women still
know their place. Of course this was artificial and tacked on much like
Friday’s ending where she suddenly decides to settle down and go the
barefoot route.

But some people need such fantasies to deal with the changes in gender

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