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Wall Street Journal, Torture and 24

You can pretty much reasonably count on one thing with TV shows, that when ratings begin to decline, the producers won’t get it. Based on this ridiculous 24 story in the Wall Street Journal that ties the decline of 24’s ratings to the decline of support for the War in Iraq, it’s rather clear that 24 isn’t on the air, because instead of coming up with a good story and maybe shaking up the writers, 24 instead is obsessed with whether Jack Bauer torturing people was wrong. Sorry, but this is beyond ridiculous. 24’s ratings have not declined because of some sort of backlash, Dave Clennon’s stupidity aside (I’m also guessing this is the most publicity Dave Clennon ever got or will get in his life), they’re declined because every season repeats the same aimless formula and the writing has gone significantly downhill while the subsidiary characters have gotten more annoying than ever. Of course this happens with every single TV show out there, torture free or non torture free.

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