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Wal-Mart Exits Movie Downloads, Apple Enters Movie Downloads

A sizable reason for the miserable failure of Apple TV was the lack of movie selection. Despite his Pixar presence, Steve Jobs was never into video the way he was into audio and so Apple has lagged significantly in selling video content. NBC’s opting out of iTunes in favor of Hulu and NBC Direct was a significant blow to Apple’s video plans because consumers are more likely to want to watch recurring episodes of TV shows on an iPod or Apple TV rather than movies. Now FOX is getting into bed with both Apple and NBC, partnering with Hulu and offering video rentals via iTunes. Meanwhile Wal-Mart’s own poorly thought out online video rental service has effectively collapsed. Ars Technica predictably blames DRM but Wal-Mart’s DRM free 88 cent music isn’t going anywhere either. The reality is that locationwise, Wal-Mart is just not the place for selling entertainment downloads and Wal-Mart would need to launch a separate service to change that.

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