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V’s Getting a Little Better

Its ratings are not exactly above water, and the show still isn’t compelling viewing, but it has come much closer to hitting its stride. Unfortunately too much of its stride is its focus on contrasting families, Eric and her son, balanced against Anna and her daughter, and Ryan and his girlfriend. This balance of families theme is not exactly original, and lends the entire series a soapy air, but it’s better than what came before it and gives the character dynamics some sort of meaning. It’s also not exactly alien (not a pun) to the original miniseries and its focus on families. Still We Can’t Win and The Heretic’s Fork were fairly solid episodes, because interesting events have actually begun happening, and the main characters have had to begin making hard choices. The addition of Hobbs has shaken things up, as it was intended to. And that makes sense since if you’re going to focus on character drama, the characters have got to be doing something for a change. V is still not remotely compelling entertainment, but it’s getting better, and maybe there’s some hope that a second season would help it find its footing. Maybe.

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