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V’s Big Mistake

While the launch of ABC’s V has been troubled, probably the biggest and most obvious mistake has been to adopt the multicharacter structure of the original miniseries. While a multicharacter structure makes sense when you’ve got hours to fill in a wideranging story, V as an episodic TV show arguably needed a central character through whose eyes we are to see what’s going on. While Lost was probably a bigger influence in the decision to go with a multicharacter series, than the original V miniseries, that itself was a flawed decision because where Lost managed to make a multicharacter structure work by both having a lot of characters and making them memorable, V has done neither. Where’s Lost’s characters started as enigmas, V’s mainly begin as simple types, the hardworking mom cop, the earnest priest, the disguised alien and the troubled teenage boy. There’s not much more to explore beyond that because rather than characters these are types.

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