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Viva Laughlin Cancelled After Two Episodes

Shocking I know. No the real shock is how this thing ever got ordered in the first place. I mean have the networks learned absolutely nothing from Cop Rock or did they let the sudden trend in TV show musicals such as Buffy the Musical, the 70’s Show Musical Episode or Scrubs the Musical episode guile them into believing that what viewers really wanted was a musical series?

As it turned out the answer was no, they did not. Had this been the 70’s Viva Laughlin might have had a shot because it seemed like no idea no matter how literally stomach turningly awful was off limits on TV back then. 1990 saw a brief burst of musical TV with Cop Rock and Hull High but both of those shows were a joke. Viva Laughlin was a terrible idea sold by only two factors

1. It was based on the British import Viva Blackpool and after the success of The Office, idea deprived networks delusionally believe British imports can do no wrong, forgetting about Coupling, Bill Cosby’s One Foot in the Grave remake, John Laroquette in Fawlty Towers and so on and so forth.

2. Hugh Jackman, whom networks still associate with Wolverine rather than musical theater, even though Viva Laughlin had no genetically enhanced mutants but lots of musical theater

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