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Veronica Mars: Weebils Wobble but Don’t Go Down

Veronica MarsPossibly not the best penultimate episode of Veronica Mars as a TV series we could have asked for. Part of the problem is that while Veronica Mars is perfectly capable of playing outside the political rules when it suits them, when it comes to race, Veronica Mars follows a blind path and it insists that Weebil is a great guy– never mind that little scene in the Veronica Mars pilot where he and his gang try to gang rape Veronica at the stop. The scene is underplayed but the intent there was pretty obvious– before Backup intervened.

A Weebil episode in which he’s accused of a crime might have taken the path it took before which showed that Weebil creatively pulled it off– or it might take the P.C. route. A few minutes into the episode it becomes clear that Weebil was the innocent victim and the real criminals will be a bunch of smug rich white kids– which is par for the course on Veronica Mars. It’s also tedious and it’s been done before.

We’ve already seen One Angry Veronica. We’ve seen the show in full blown P.C. mode. But then Veronica Mars has never been that stable anyway. Remember that sorority. Was it an evil place full of drunk blondes who hand over their newest members to the lusts of the frat house? Or were they a bunch of nice, misunderstood and supportive girls? Oh wait, no turns out they do have an evil mirror and got a girl to nearly kill herself. And that’s part of the problem with Season 3. No coherence. No consistency and in the end little reason to stick around.

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