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Veronica Mars Series Finale The Bitch is Back – What Might Have Been

Veronica MarsFor a series and even season finale, Veronica Mars The Bitch is Back felt more like a mid-season episode at best. Of course the second half of the season had been thoroughly neutered thanks to the CW and the good offices of network president Dawn Whatsherface but it did manage to work in Veronica Mars’ sex tape and the Castle– both intriguing storylines that restored the series to its classic roots, with Veronica Mars on the outs at school, dealing with secrets and powerful enemies– including her old enemies, the Kaines and their security thug, while Keith Mars was forced to compromise his ethics and in doing so, destroy his credibility and lose his position as Sheriff.

If Veronica Mars for the first time in a long while, felt like Veronica Mars again– with even Logan Echols finally getting his balls back and going all medieval on the son of a mob family in the cafeteria– after going medieval on Piz, an act that any viewer who has had to suffer through the entire Piz storyline could only relish. It was too little and too late.

You could imagine a third season where Logan wasn’t Veronica’s whiny ex-boyfriend and a wimp and was instead the self-destructive vicious Logan Echols who charged in to save Veronica with a gun, who resented her and tried to control her and loved her at the same time, while still having his dead ex-girlfriend in his mind.

You could also imagine a third season in which the answer to the Dean’s murder would have lain in the secrets of the Castle that would have unraveled everyone’s dirt. You might imagine a finale in which Veronica had released the secrets only to see her father’s career destroyed by the powerful men in Neptune determined to stop her. I imagine that may have been something like the season Rob Thomas would have wanted. But it’s not the one that the CW wanted. The CW got part of what it wanted and killed the show.

I don’t look forward to any proposed future FBI series for Veronica Mars. Not unless Rob Thomas has the creative freedom to do it right. Take it to FX if needed. The Shield is out and the show will have viewers.

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