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Veronica Mars Does Some More Following in Buffy’s Footsteps?

Veronica MarsWith Veronica Mars deader than a stomped on Mars candy bar and all the Save My Show efforts come to naught, it looks like Rob Thomas will be taking the Joss Whedon route and following Veronica Mars to comics with a Veronica Mars comic book Season 4. Considering how often Veronica Mars has walked in the footsteps of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this isn’t entirely a surprise. DC is figuring out that they can cash in pretty well in the same way that book publishers have on fan nostalgia for a series with tie ins that can be much more satisfying than just series themed comic books but continuations of the story written by its creator. The idea of a Veronica Mars Season 4 comic book is a great idea, especially since Veronica Mars has often been all about telling complex stories beyond the sphere of what a TV series could support. On the other hand Veronica Mars also played to a somewhat different audience than Buffy the Vampire Slayer did and you tend to suspect that a lot of the teenage girls on board for Veronica Mars and doing their Logan and Veronica mashup videos on YouTube aren’t going to be browsing for Veronica Mars Season 4 and unlike Joss Whedon, Rob Thomas is set to be genuinely busy working as a showrunner on Miss Guided, which raises the question of whether he would actually be writing Veronica Mars Season 4 or approving stories and such.

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