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Veronica Mars Cancelled – Stupid, Stupid CW

I have to say I’m genuinely impressed by the CW’s fantastical stupidity in canceling Veronica Mars while two other top network shows also go out the window– and replacing them with what? Gossip Girls might make it– but unlike VM, its audience is going to be strictly limited to teenage girls and sticking in Kristen Bell as the narrator is not going to change that.

And there’s Aliens in America. What maddened PC crazy executive seriously thinks this is going to survive? Granted if television shows succeeded based on the desires of a small section of Hollywood it might work– but this is just as DOA as Jack and Bobby– except it won’t take as long to die. Killing Veronica Mars is a dumb mistake for a network that at this point has a handful of shows anyone even wants to watch and is a step away from being a high rent syndication warehouse.

Right now the CW’s hold on the WB’s teen twenty something audience is about to slip very badly. That will leave them with the UPN urban sitcom audience– turning CW into pretty much UPN.

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