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V is in Trouble

V wasn’t off to a strong start in the first place, but the extended break did to V, exactly what it’s repeatedly done to Lost, which is drastically drain away ratings. ABC wanted V around as a Lost replacement, and while V’s return did mostly hang on to Lost viewers, that’s not really great news because there aren’t very many of them.

V isn’t gone yet. And these days 7.2 million viewers isn’t anything to sneeze at. The demos aren’t bad either. But V’s problem is that it still lacks focus. The original V never made the transition from miniseries to tv series work. But V never really had the miniseries. Instead it tries to make us care about characters who aren’t very interesting. For all its flaws, Lost could toss out a random character on screen, and give him or her personality and keep our interest, even without revealing anything. V instead tells us everything about its characters, except why we should care about them.

Parenthood alone won’t topple V. Neither will the Good Wife. Both shows skew toward a different demographic. And anyone who flips the channel one way or another isn’t likely to stay there. But today viewers have a lot more options and V’s writers need to make the show work, by bringing in real suspense and making you actually care about what’s going on. V launched based on special effects and provocative political analogies, but that won’t be enough to make it stay.

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