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US Office Meets British Office

So the long awaited and long longed for American Office one hour season finale came and went along with that scene which all the JAM fans desperately wanted. (Yes I used JAM I feel dirty. Like a Grey’s Anatomy viewer)

Less surprisingly the scene was heavily derived from the ending of the British Office in the X-Mas special. The genders are reversed with Pam giving Jim the gift and note and Jim coming back for her– but it’s not all that far afield. Of course the American Office had already been going for 3 years and understood quite well that a million Desperate Housewives / Grey’s Anatomy viewers weren’t going to sit around and wait until the end of the series for Pam and Jim to get together.

Still the scene technique was clever by disrupting the interview which had created a sense of immediacy and reality with Jim’s sudden entrance to make the entire thing seem ‘real’. Of course those fans shouldn’t feel too relieved considering how Jim and Pam’s kiss at the end of Season 2 morphed into a year long cold freeze. For all we know Pam and Jim’s dinner will result in another season of misery, longing and fan videos of the two of them set to the theme song from Beaches.

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