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Underwhelmed by Skyrim

Why can’t the company that published Brink and acquired Id trot out an Elder Scrolls game that looks good? The one thing that the Skyrim previews show is that the faces have improved, but Bethesda is still way behind the technology. Skyrim promises a lot, but so did Oblivion. And it looks like a slightly shinier version of Oblivion.

Story and gameplay could still save Skyrim. You never know. And it’s hard to imagine them completely blowing the icebound setting. But there’s no real reason for optimism. Not after Oblivion. And not after footage that looks a lot like Oblivion did, boring landscapes, whack and smash first person battles, poor animation and everything so shiny you could see your reflection in it if the engine were better.

The engine is a major barrier. But so is Bethesda. Oblivion and Fallout 3 were weak in the story and world building departments. Even 15 mins in Fallout New Vegas shows that even with a clunky engine, a great game can be made. If Obsidian were writing Skyrim, the clunky engine wouldn’t be that much of a negative.

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